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Rough Notes on my Favorite Conference Talks

April 2013 General Conference

Parents role of peace
we all need a place of peace
center life on the savior brings peace
Christ Centered life - find peace and refuge from the world
Indiscretions or neglect lead to big problems
simple constant good habits lead to happiness and bountiful blessings
Lords power is fundamental to establishing a home of peace. As you center your home on the savior it will naturally become a refuge fro your family and for your friends.
Greatest blessing is a Christ centered home where the Gospel is taught and love abounds.
He wanted to pattern his family after theirs
Reach out to those living in adverse circumstances
The home should not be used as a resource to gain personal advantage
Love family members not making good choices
Set our burdens down at his feet
This love one is not  abandoned but in the watch care of a loving savior
I bear testimony that living an obedient life firmly rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ provides the greatest assurance for peace and refuge in our homes.  there will still be plenty of challenges or heart aches but even in the midst of turmoil we can enjoy the peace of profound  happiness. I testify that the atonement of Jesus Christ is the source of that abundant peace. 

story about  Jane and about African

Even thought we may feel lost in the midst of our current circumstances god promises the hope of his light he promises to laminate the way before us and show us the way out of darkness
Jane grew up in darkness

The people who should have protected her were those that tortured her or allowed the abuse to continue

At age 19 Jane discovered the Church of Jesus Christ the joy penetrated her heart and she accepted the invitation to be baptised.  for the first time light entered her life and she saw a bright path before here.  she left the darkness of her world and decided to attend school a great distance away from her abuser at last she 
felt liberated from an environment of darkness and evil. free to enjoy the saviors sweet peace and miraculous healing

she realized that if she allowed the darkness to consume her their tormentor would have a final victory.  she sought counseling and medical help and began to realize that for her...
The best path for her was to accept that darkness exists but not dwell there. for as she now knew light also existed and that is where she chose to dwell.

Given her dark past Jane could have easily become vindictive venomous or violent but she didn't she resisted the temptation to spread the darkness by lashing out in anger hurt or cynicism. instead she held fast to the hope that with gods help she could be healed. she chose to radiate light and devote her life to helping others. this decision enabled her to leave the past behind and instead step into a glorious bring future.

she has become a tireless defender of the weak the victimized  and the discouraged she  builds strengthens and inspires everyone around her.  Jane learned that healing comes when we move away from the darkness and towards the hope  of a brighter light. it was in the practical application of faith hope and charity that she not only transformed her own life but forever blessed the lives of many many others

their may be some among you who feel the darkness encroaching upon you you may feel burdened by worry fear or doubt. to you and to all of us I repeat a wonderful and certain truth gods light is real i t is available to all it gives life to all thins it has the power to soften the sting of the deepest wound it can be healing balm for the loneliness and sickness of our souls in the  furnace of despair it can plant the seeds of a brighter hope it can enlighten the steepest valleys of sorrow it can illuminate the paths before us and lead us through the darkness night of the promise of a new dawn this is the spirit Jesus Christ.  which gives light to every man the cometh into the world 

never the less spiritual light rarely comes to those merely who sit in the darkness waiting from someone to come and flip the switch it takes an act of faith to open our eyes to the light of Christ. spiritual light can not be discerned  by carnal eyes Jesus Christ himself taught I am the light that shins into darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.

how do we open our eyes to the light of Christ
first start where you are

in fact the heavens begin to part and the blessings of heaven begin to distill upon us with the very first steps we take towards the light 

the perfect place to begin is exactly where you are right now...the very moment you begin to seek your heavenly father in that moment  the hope o f his light will be gin to e\awaking and enliven and ennoble your soul the darkness may not dissipate all at once. but as surly as night always gives way to dawn the light will come

second turn your heart toward the lord
lift up your soul in prayer and explain to your heavenly father what you are feeling... let him know the trials you are facing. plead with him in Christs name for his strength and support. ask that your ears may be opened that you may hear his voice. ask that you r eyes may be opened that you may see his light


walk in the light

your heavenly father knows that you will make mistakes he knows that you may stumble many times perhaps many times  this saddens you but he loves you he does not wish to break your spirit on the contrary he desires that you rise up and become the person that you were designed to be. to that end his son was sent on this earth to illuminate the way and sow us how to safely cross the stumbling blocks in our path

following in the footsteps

yes we will make mistakes yes we will falter but as we seek to increase our love for god and strive to love our neighbor the light of the gospel will surround and uplift us. the darkness will surly fade because it can not exist in presence of light. as we draw near to God he will draw near to us and by day the hope of gods light will grow within us brighter and brighter until the perfect day

to all that feel they walk in darkness I invite you to follow the certain promise from the savior of the world. I am the light of the worked he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life

Africa - even thought those dear saints were surrounded by difficulty and trials they were filled with light,.

in the midst of great darkness these beautiful wonderful saints had filled this Church building and our souls with light.

yes from times to times our lies may seem... to be touched by or even wrapped by darkness sometimes the night that surrounds us will appear oppressive disheartening and frightening
My heart grieves and sorrows for the some of you face for the painful l loneliness and worrisome fears that you may be experiencing never the less I bear witness that 

out living hope is in Jesus Christ he is the true pure and powerful entrance to devine enlightenment I testify that with Christ darkness can not succeed 

darkness will  not gain victory over the light of Christ I bear witness that darkness can not stand before the brilliant light of the sun of living  god

I invite each of you to open your hear to him seek him though study and prayer come to his Church even the church  later day saints..learn of him and of his gospel participate actively help each other and joyfully serve our god

bothers and sisters even after the darkenes night the savior of the world will lead you to a gradual sweet and  bright dawn that will assuredly rise within you as you walk towards the hope of gods light you will discover the compassion love and goodness of a loving f\heavenly father in whole m there is no darkness at all. thou my unbelief

even if you can no more then desire to believe Alma declares let this desire work in you until you believe.

the father exerts his strength first and only then acknowledges his own limitation

in moments of fear or doubt or troubling times hold the ground you have already won even if that ground is limited.

hold fast to what you already know ans stand strong until additional knowledge comes.

it was this specific miracle that Jesus said if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you hall say unto this mountain remove hence to yonder place and it shall  remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

the size of your faith or the degree of your knowledge is not the issue it is then integrity that you demonstrate to the toward the faith that you do have and the truth that you already know..

when problems come and questions arise do not start your quest for faith by saying what you do not have. leading as it were with your unbelief. that is like trying to stuff a turkey through the beak

I am not asking you to pretend to faith you do not have I am asking you to be true to the faith you do have. sometimes we act as if an honest declaration of doubt is a higher manifestation  of moral courage then is a honest declaration of faith it is not.

be as candid about your questions that you need to be. but if you want to be healed don't let those questions stand in the way of faith working its miracle

you have more faith then you believe you do

the greatness of the evidence you shall know them by their fruits.

we can not but speak the things which we have sen and heard and what we have seen and heard is that notable miracles has been done in the lives of millions of members of this Church that cannot be denied.

pleased to not hyperventilate if form time to time issues arise that need to b e examined understood and resolved they do and they will in the Church what we know will always trump what we don not know .. and remember in this world everyone is to walk by faith.  so be kind regarding human frailty your own ans well as those who serve with you in a church lead by volunteer men and women. except in the case of his only begotten son imperfect people are all that God has to work with. that must be terribly frustrating to him but he deals with it.

when doubt or difficulty come do not be afraid to task for help.

when doubt 

being pursued with full purpose of heart acting no hypocrisy and no deception before god in response of that kind importuning I testify that god will send help from both sides of the veil to strengthen our belief.

Christ himself said be not afraid only believe.

belief is always the first step towards conviction

i know Jesus was his only prefect child

I know Joseph acknowledged he was not perfect and he was his key restorer

I know this work is gods very truth I k now that at our peril would we allow doubt or devils to sway us from its path. hope on journey on honestly acknowledge your questions and concerns but first and forever fan the flame of your faith because all things are possible to them that believe.

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